Eagle AIR-LIFT Pneumatic Systems can deliver anything that fits in an Eagle AIR-LIFT Carrier to any remote location - even on different floors or in other buildings - in a few seconds.  Small parts, orders invoices, credit cards, shipping papers, memos, currency, mail, laboratory or test samples, medical supplies, or any other load weighing up to 5 lbs., are whisked at speeds up to 25 feet per second on a jet-stream of low pressure air to a destination up to 2,000 feet away.  Eagle's flexible systems deliver upward, downward, or in any direction, not just horizontally.  And they are energy-efficient; the blower operates only when a Carrier is in transit, not 24 hours a day as many other systems do.

eagle air-lift

Unlike old-fashioned, bulky, twin-tube vacuum systems consisting of heavy steel tubing and low-capacity carriers plus expensive three-phase turbo-compressors requiring additional complex controls, the Eagle AIR-LIFT Pneumatic Systems are compact and high-capacity, providing two-way carrier travel in a single tube.  Conveying tubing and bends are made from either strong, lightweight, non-corroding, dent-resistant PVC or optional steel, with diameters of 3 in., 4 in., or 6 in. And Eagle's unitized Send/Receive Stations with built-in turbo blowers can sit on desks or tables, or mount easily in a minimum of space on walls, building columns, or any convenient flat surface, without using prime plant floor space.  Installation is so easy, your own employees can set it up in less than a day!  No complicated power wiring.  Just plug the system into an existing wall outlet.

     Eagle AIR-LIFT Carriers are made from durable, high-density polyethylene for excellent wear in system-compatible diameters of 3 in., 4 in., and 6 in., and standard lengths of 10 in., 12 in., and 14 in.  Their smooth surfaces and aerodynamic design generate minimal friction, permitting dramatic increases in system capacity and length.

     Thousands of pneumatic tube system users are proving the cost efficiency of Eagle AIR-LIFT Pneumatic Systems in such diverse installations as: 

Quality Control Labs

Auction Houses


Auto Dealers

Transportation Terminals

Brokerage Firms






Motels & Hotels

or anyplace requiring an immediate flow of items at the lowest possible cost. Eagle AIR-LIFT Pneumatic Systems completely eliminate the need for messengers in most operations...eliminate their wages, benefit packages, coffee breaks, and time taken from more productive work...and deliver the goods ten times as fast!

   If you're wasting money moving things in your business, then you should look into economical, fast, reliable, safe, and clean Eagle AIR-LIFT Pneumatic Systems.  No other pneumatic system can deliver papers, parts, or samples from one location to another with the ease, speed, low cost, and safety of an AIR-LIFT system.