Single Radial type. Designed for side mounting on storage bins to draw off excesses, for return to crusher, or for stockpiling. This counter - weighted gate closes automatically. Opening may be set for an even flow of material in the desired quantity-or to prevent bin overflow. Con be profitably used with a blending conveyor. 
Double Radial type. Ideal for storage bins with bottom dis­charge. Designed for smooth op­eration. Easy to open, fast and tightly closed. One or more of these gates properly located on flat bottom bins will solve the problem of recovering static ma­terial and increase bin efficiency.
Well suited for tunnel reclaiming. It retains fine materials and releases woter without the use of rubber packed joints. Opening of chute can be adjusted to many positions by a metal pin which provides safe, sim­ple operation. Feed chute is adjust­able for volume control. This is a big advantage when controlled feeding to a belt conveyor is necessary. 

Sand Tite Gates

replacement gates

Contact Remcon about your gate replacement for a customized replacement engineered to fit your specific needs. Optional materials and liners are available upon request.

We can do a complete turn key replacement with our experienced crew with very little down time

Clamshell Gates

For use where head room is lim­ited. Only six inches of space is required. Rollers provide smooth action and easy operation under all loads. This is a leokproof gate which definitely will not clog. Simple to install and operate. 

roller Gate

vertical bin Gate