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Remcon - Supplying all your industrial equipment needs.

Erie Strayer Central Mix (Wet) Concrete Batch Plant

Companies Represented by Remcon:

  • Erie Strayer - Concrete Batch Plants, Silos, Tilt Mixers, Batching
    Computer Control Systems, Concrete Reclaimers and Crane Attachments.

  • C&W Manufacturing and Sales - Dust Collection Systems, Aeration
    Blowers, Cement Transfer Systems, Recycle Systems, Data-logging Systems, Truck
    Inspections Stations (Slump Master), Silo Saver Systems (Anti-Overfill
    System), Smart Clean, Shrouds, Lift Frames, Snorkels and Blast Gates

  • Marco - Continental Manufacturing - Conveyors, Radial Stackers, Bin
    Load Conveyors, Feeder Belts, Gates, Hoppers, Screens, Crushers, Portable

  • Argonics - Polyurethane Liners for the following: Bins, Batchers,
    Mixers, Screw Classifiers, Hoppers, Turn Heads, Belt Skirts, Primary,
    Secondary and Tertiary Belt Wipers, Custom Chute Liners, Bibs, Pan Mixer
    Parts, Ceramic Impact Wear Liners, Custom Modular Liners to fit where you need
    them, Screen Accessories, Return Roll Guards, Light and Medium Impact Beds,
    Heavy Duty Support Impact and Roller Beds, Replacement Belt Wiper Blades for
    OEM Systems and Bars for Impact Beds

  • Water Heaters/Chillers

  • Command Alkon - Computer Control Batching Systems, Aggregate Feed
    Panels, Dispatch, Ticketing, Rail, Truck Tracking, Material Management,
    Connectivity, Back Office, Content Management, E-Commerce, Performance
    Analysis, Voice Based Scheduling, Dispatch Optimization, Plant Automation,
    Quality Control, Fleet Management, Integra Products, Concrete Products Plant
    Process Control

  • Rice Lake Weighing - Truck Scales, Truck Scale Ticket Printers,
    Automated Ticketing, Truck Scale Accessories, Wheel Loader Scales, Load Cells,
    Test Weights, Weighing Load Cell Indicators, Batching Control System, Floor
    Scales, Belt Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Bench Scales with
    Indicators, Balances

  • Cyclonaire - Light, Semi-Dense and Dense Phase Bulk Transfer

  • Eagle Pneumatic - Pneumatic Ticket Delivery Systems

  • Badger Water Meters - Magnetic Flow Meters/Turbo Meters

Numerous Vendors Providing the Following Products:

  • Cement/Flyash/Sand Screws
  • Equipment Retrofit/Repair/Upgrade/Inspection/Consulting/Tuning
  • Admix Dispensing Systems - Storage Tanks, Transfer Pumps, Turbo Meters,
    Dispensing Equipment, Admix Dispensing Pack Systems
  • Conveyor Products - Idlers, Belt Wipers, Covers, Pulleys, Take-ups,
    Bearings, Guards, Reducers, Motors
  • Gates - Clamshell, Sandtite, Symplex, Roller Gate, Belting, Mechanical &
    Vulcanized Belt Splices
  • Truck Scales
  • Pug Mills
  • Insulated Water Tanks
  • Aggregate Handling Panels
  • Parts - Solenoid Valves, Butterfly Valves/Actuators, Limit Switches,
    Aeration Pads and Swivel Aeration Jets, Neoprene Boots, Gum Rubber Loading
    Boots, Mixer Parts, Hydraulics, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders


Used Erie MG-12CP

Used Erie Strayer MG-12CP Call or contact us for more information

Model VHL Liquid

Model VHS Fork

Model RH/RHX-High Temp

Paving Plants

Erie Strayer Central Mix Plants

Argonics Eraser Conveyor Belt Wiper System


Designed to handle most conveyor cleaning with a .25” (6 mm) thick, 3” x 3” (76 mm x 76 mm) powder-coated tube stock steel mainframe and corrosion-resistant, galvanized Schedule 80 pipe stub ends for superior strength and durability.
Recommended Belt Speeds: 0 - 500 fpm (2.54 m/s) Minimum Pulley Diameter (PD): 14” (356 mm) Mounting Distances:
4" (102 mm) on PD of 14" (356 mm) - 28" (711 mm) 3" (76 mm) on PD of 29" (737 mm) and larger
• Proven effective cleaning performance with a 7.25" (184 mm) tall Raptor blade

Price: $1,273.00

Erie Strayer

Erie Strayer Concrete Batch Plants

Concrete Batch Plants

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